Wedding Dress Trash with a Jeep

Trash The Dress – Jeep & Beach from Big Box Pro Video Productions on Vimeo.

A few years back we had a couple trash a wedding dress using their Jeep. This year we were able to shoot another video for their friends.

Meet Michele & Raul & their two lovely Jeeps.

Michele came up with the dream-concept video shoot. This has Raul dreaming he is out in the wild trying to make it to his wedding while Michele is growing mad. She tries countless times to get a hold of him and has no luck.

The main Jeep footage was shoot at Hidden Falls Adventure Park in Marble Falls, Texas. The rest of the video was shot on location in Corpus Christi.

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Wedding Dress vs Jeep – A Mudding Trash The Dress Video

What else are you going to do with that white wedding dress?  Trash it! Oh yea and take the Jeep when you do it.

Okay, so we know this is not for everyone. Don’t expect grandma to ever understand how someone could take a nice new wedding dress and go play out in the mud. Sometimes we don’t know, but we know it makes for some exciting video.

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Derrick Perrin
San Angelo Wedding Video

Going to trash a wedding dress with a Jeep!

Trash The Dress - Jeep Edition
TTD - "Detour"

This is a little look at a video we went out to shoot this past Sunday. We were expecting to shoot a lot and make it look like the Jeep got stuck. Well on this shoot it all went wrong and the Jeep got stuck on the first run. The video is coming out awesome and we will share it here once it is done.

Derrick Perrin