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The way to are planning your wedding has changed. Your flexibility is amazing. Keep up the good work!

So outdoor is not a must but is a trend new bride and grooms are leaning toward in this post-virus world. A live stream of your wedding can increase the number of people who can celebrate with you in real-time.

If the wedding video is peaking your interest, please give us a call.  We are San Angelo Wedding Video. 361-548-8416

Wedding Anniversary Dance

What is the anniversary dance?

This is a special opportunity to showcase all of the couples who have been married longer than you and your new bride or groom. At the end of the dance, a good DJ will have the longest married couple giving a tidbit of advice to the newest married couple.  Let us take a look at how it works.

First, all married couples are invited to the dance floor.

The disc jockey will kindly invite your guest to dance. Its fun to group up and start the dancing. by this time an after dinner cocktail will loosen up many knees and hips.

Next, eliminate couples year by year.

You might hear something like this from the PA system, “If you have been married a year or longer please step off of the dance floor.” Remember the wedding couple is excluded from being booted off the dance floor.

The DJ will move along the years and decades to thin out the crowd. A good DJ will gauge the guest and move along the years according. You don’t want them to jump to all the 40 year and older marriages, but on the other side, you don’t want them to run down year by year.

If have been married longer than 40 years please step off of the dance floor

Finally, the last two couples are on the dance floor.

When the disc-jockey has voted everyone but you and the oldest married couple off the dance floor then it gets sweet. The winners will have an opportunity to give a bit of marriage advice to the newest wedding couple in the reception hall.

Where does this fit in your wedding reception timeline?

In Texas, the anniversary dance is placed after the formal dancing. Some of your older guests will leave the reception early and its best to get them out on the dance floor before they head home for the night.

Are there any other ways to do the Anniversary Dance?

Yes, you can excuse the newly married couple right off the bat. Its fun and comical to hear the DJ announce, “If you have been married less than 4 hours, please step off the dance floor.”  Next is the boring part. The bride and groom are expected to stand on the sideline and wait for the dance game to play out.

Not big on dancing? Wearing beautiful shoes that hurt to dance in? Then this could be the perfect way to have the dance and not hurt your feet. The video above lets you share the moment without booting anyone from the dancefloor.

Here are a few ideas for songs to play during the dance:

San Angelo Wedding Video Presents Lexie & Jonathan’s Wedding Video

San Angelo Wedding Video is happy to share the highlight film for the wedding of Lexie & Jonathan Nieman.

Location: Garden City, Texas
Church: St Lawrence
Reception: Hall at St Lawrence

From San Angelo, you head northwest for an hour and a half and you will arrive at Garden City. The church and reception site all sit on the same property. Keeping your wedding and reception all at one location helps the day run smooth.

Once the reception was underway, west Texas thunderstorms rolled in. You can see a timelapse in the video below.

Thanks for watching. If we can solve any of your wedding planning questions please reach out or text Derrick Perrin

San Angelo Wedding Video

Come Visit Us At The West Texas Bridal Showcase

San Angelo Wedding Video is a sponsor of the 2019 West Texas Bridal Showcase. Come visit us at the McNease Convention Center on Sunday, January 21, 2019. We are still waiting to see what booth we will be at, but I’m sure you can find us.

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Flyer printed for San Angelo Wedding Video
Print flyer for San Angelo Wedding Video

Wedding Video Memories

Wedding videos tell a story none would be able to escape falling in love with.

San Angelo Wedding Video movies are made with love and dedication.

You cannot get anything of us that is simple and sober and unimaginative. We always put our best foot forward and we never let our customers feel sorry or at lost for the videos we produce. Perhaps a lot of it comes from the fact that we love our job and also, we love to give people memories worth revisiting.


New Address – San Angelo

While we are looking for a new studio we wanted people to know you can always mail us at:

San Angelo Wedding Video
3673 Pronghorn Path
San Angelo, Texas 76901

Still working on phones and internet access and will let you know when the new number is up and running.

Thanks for taking a look at our wedding videos. Here is a quick look at a new edit bay at San Angelo Wedding Video.

Computer setup for editing wedding video
Digital workstation setup

Derrick Perrin

Wedding Video – Garden City, Texas.

Wedding Video – St Lawrence Parish, Garden City, Texas

Macayla & Peyton – Wedding Film

Macayla & Peyton's Wedding Film – St Lawrence Parish, Garden City, Texas.

Posted by San Angelo Wedding Video on Monday, February 5, 2018

This month marks the year anniversary for the Schaefers. Congrats you two on the achievement.
You can view their wedding video above. The Schaefer’s were married at St Lawrence Parish. We love this parish because like Rowena, everything happens in one location. If you are the bride to be you can get ready, get married, and have a huge reception all within a few hundred yards of where you park.

If you are not familiar with the area here is a map. Its a stretch from San Angelo, but puts you out in the country with no distractions.

Thanks for watching, and congratulations to the happy couple. Cheers to you and your one-year anniversary. To watch additional wedding videos please visit our Wedding Film Page.

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Derrick Perrin for San Angelo Wedding Video

Breanne & Brandon – Rowena Wedding Highlight Film

Rowena, Texas – St Joseph Catholic Church – Video

We fell in love with the community of Rowena the first time we stepped into town. It is small, it is tight knit, it is Texas. Breanne and Brandon were our 3rd couple to shoot at St. Joseph’s.
The church has a great fellowship hall right down the road.

Thanks for watching this Rowena wedding video. And we thank the new couple for having us at their big event.
-Derrick Perrin

Wedding Video Discount

You have 20 days to take advantage of the Wedding Video Discount

If you are looking to use the wedding show discount of $500 you will need to do it before February 19th.

Bridal fashion show at the West Texas Bridal Showcase in San Angelo Texas
Bridal fashion show at the West Texas Bridal Showcase in San Angelo Texas

We would love to be a part of your wedding day and be there to capture all your memories. You didn’t have to make it to the show to take advantage of the show deal. There are countless ways to create wedding day memories, but there is only one way to capture them. That is with a wedding video produced by San Angelo Wedding Video.

Please call and book your wedding video today. 361-548-8416 – ask for Derrick and tell him you want the West Texas Bridal Expo price.

San Angelo Wedding Video
Wedding Video, San Angelo Logo

San Angelo Wedding Show – Photos from San Angelo Wedding Video

We hope you had the time to visit the West Texas Bridal Showcase on January 19, 2014. It was a great show to be a part of. San Angelo Wedding Video was there to talk about how wedding video can capture your wedding day memories.

San Angelo Wedding Video booth at the wedding show
Derrick Perrin stands at his booth during the West Texas Bridal Showcase in San Angelo, Texas

If you would like to take advantage of the show special please contact Derrick Perrin at SAWV. You can reach us at 361-883-4227, or text at 361-548-8416. We shoot all over the state of Texas and would love to hear about your wedding ideas.

Photo of West Texas Bridal Showcase - January 2014 - San Angelo Texas
West Texas Bridal Showcase – January 2014 – San Angelo Texas

We were amazed at the number of vendors, but we were blown away by the number of brides to be. If you were at the show we thank you for stopping by and talking about your wedding day.

Wedding fashion show at the West Texas Bridal Showcase in San Angelo Texas
Bridal fashion show at the West Texas Bridal Showcase in San Angelo Texas. Wedding fair photo
Bridal fashion show at the West Texas Bridal Showcase in San Angelo Texas
Bridal fashion show at the West Texas Bridal Showcase in San Angelo Texas
fashion show, San Angelo's West Texas Bridal Showcase
Bridal fashion show at the West Texas Bridal Showcase in San Angelo Texas
Cake Dive at San Angelo Wedding Show
Bride diving over cake

You can’t have a West Texas Bridal Showcase without a cake dive. Soon we will be posting the video from the dive. Its about 20 seconds of bridal cake shrapnel flying all over the place. It looks fun. The bride who finds the toy ring wins an actual ring from Cano’s Diamonds.

We hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did. Thanks for stopping by.

-Derrick Perrin