Wedding Anniversary Dance

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What is the anniversary dance?

This is a special opportunity to showcase all of the couples who have been married longer than you and your new bride or groom. At the end of the dance, a good DJ will have the longest married couple giving a tidbit of advice to the newest married couple.  Let us take a look at how it works.

First, all married couples are invited to the dance floor.

The disc jockey will kindly invite your guest to dance. Its fun to group up and start the dancing. by this time an after dinner cocktail will loosen up many knees and hips.

Next, eliminate couples year by year.

You might hear something like this from the PA system, “If you have been married a year or longer please step off of the dance floor.” Remember the wedding couple is excluded from being booted off the dance floor.

The DJ will move along the years and decades to thin out the crowd. A good DJ will gauge the guest and move along the years according. You don’t want them to jump to all the 40 year and older marriages, but on the other side, you don’t want them to run down year by year.

If have been married longer than 40 years please step off of the dance floor

Finally, the last two couples are on the dance floor.

When the disc-jockey has voted everyone but you and the oldest married couple off the dance floor then it gets sweet. The winners will have an opportunity to give a bit of marriage advice to the newest wedding couple in the reception hall.

Where does this fit in your wedding reception timeline?

In Texas, the anniversary dance is placed after the formal dancing. Some of your older guests will leave the reception early and its best to get them out on the dance floor before they head home for the night.

Are there any other ways to do the Anniversary Dance?

Yes, you can excuse the newly married couple right off the bat. Its fun and comical to hear the DJ announce, “If you have been married less than 4 hours, please step off the dance floor.”  Next is the boring part. The bride and groom are expected to stand on the sideline and wait for the dance game to play out.

Not big on dancing? Wearing beautiful shoes that hurt to dance in? Then this could be the perfect way to have the dance and not hurt your feet. The video above lets you share the moment without booting anyone from the dancefloor.

Here are a few ideas for songs to play during the dance:

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