Family Time in West Texas

We had the last weekend in April off and chose to head out to our land in west Texas. The land is south of Van Horn and west of Valentine, Texas. It is just a 10 acre speck of land in the middle of the Sierra Vieja and Van Horn Mountains.

Land off of Chispa Roas

Kendra, our two boys, & I spent 2 nights sleeping in tents and eating camp food. We love it out there when we get the chance to visit. This time we got in very late and I stuck the truck pulling the trailer.

Truck stuck on Chispa Road
Trailer Stuck on Chispa Road


Well now we are back and its time to start editing again.

-Derrick Perrin

Review San Angelo Wedding

We got a note from Larry & Jennifer regarding their wedding highlight. We thought it was nice so we wanted to share.

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Perrin,

As we write this note, We our admiring this master piece that was created by Big Box Pro. We couldn’t be happier with the work you’ve done here. We appreciate the time you took to listen to what we wanted, add your own expertise, and pull together the finished product. The end result is just what we hoped it would be and more!

It’s rare to find a company with whom you can trust with your most personal moments, but we feel very blessed to have come across you two remarkable individuals.  It’s people like you who make it easier for wedding couples to enjoy their greatest moments together.

Thank you for all you’ve done. I won’t hesitate to recommend you to my friends and family!


Larry & Jennifer

We want to thank Larry & Jennifer for having us out on their special day.
Derrick & Kendra Perrin

San Angelo Wedding Video